Tenhou (天和)
Tile Attributes
Company Matsuoka (マツオカ)
Colors (Back/Face) Yellow/White, Blue/White, Black/White
Font Deca
Size 26.5mm (H) x 19.7mm (L) x 16.2mm (W)
Weight 14g
Set Attributes
Net Weight 3.5kg
Price ¥10,000 ~ ¥15,000

Tenhou (天和) is a premium Japanese Mahjong set.

The set features slightly larger tiles than the Japanese Mahjong standard, similar to automatic Mahjong tile specifications, large fonts, and curved tiles (R tiles) designed to make walls more stable.

Some variations of the Tenhou set offer bonus "Joker" tiles and additional Dora tiles (Red 1/Red 9).

Set ContentsEdit

The classic variation of the Tenhou Mahjong set includes the following:

  • Tenhou Mahjong Tile Set x 1
    • Season Tiles x 4
    • Red Tiles x 4
  • Linen Mahjong Case x 1
  • Tile Trays x 4
  • Accessory Tray x 1
  • Yakitori Markers x 4
  • Wind Marker x 1
  • Tenbo (Point Stick) Set x 1 (40/36/8/4)
  • Playing Chips Set x 1
  • Dice x ~4
  • Playing Guide x 1


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