Japanese Riichi Mahjong Set (Black Tiles)
Tile Attributes
Colors (Back/Face) Black/Black
Size 25mm (H) x 20mm (L) x 16mm (W)
Weight 9 ~ 11 g
Set Attributes
Net Weight 3 kg
Price $54.99

The Japanese Riichi Mahjong Set (White Tiles) is an entry-level Japanese Mahjong set imported and sold exlusively by Yellow Mountain Imports.

This set is among the most economical Japanese Mahjong sets available in North America, specifically the United States, and one of the few Japanese Mahjong sets to be marketed towards North America.

IMPORTANT: Please note that this is an all black set, and that it will be difficult to identify the Haku/White Dragon tiles as both sides of the tile are identical. Please consider this before buying!

Set ContentsEdit

  • YMI Mahjong Set x 1
    • Season Tiles x 4
    • Red Tiles x 4
  • YMI Mahjong Case x 1
  • Tile Trays x 4
  • Item Cases x 1
  • Tenbo (Point Stick) Set x 1
  • Dice x 4
  • Wind Marker x 1


No media.


Vendor Price Shipping Cost $54.99 Free Shipping
Yellow Mountain Imports $54.99 Free Shipping Over $100

Last Updated: 2014/11/25